Bloons 5 brings you all your favourite web games where you can pop balloons including the dart throwing monkey games by Ninja Kiwi and a few other fun titles such as Deca Jump by Miniclip and Ballooner.

We would fully recommend you visit Ninja Kiwi for some of the best flash games on the web which go beyond the original collection of bloons games.

In particular we like bloons tower defense 5 which was recently released by their guys. This game features all the very best parts of the previous four td games and also comes with some cool new additions such as special agents, new tracks, further tower upgrades plus much more. Check it out now.

A Look at Bloons 2 - one of the most popular balloon games online

bloons 2 game


  • Huge update to the graphic engine
  • Level editor included in this release
  • Levels are arranged into regions for a more cohesive theme
  • New Skip Level item lets you get past hard levels


  • Unlimited dart mode gone

The Bloons series has been a highly popular and lucrative game series for the developers at Ninja Kiwi. The original game saw five player packs and an additional series of games created by the developers before Bloons 2 was finally announced. As many players hoped, there are plenty of new features and a huge graphical update that make Bloons 2 superior to the original games in nearly every way.

Where as previous titles in the Bloons series were released with the levels arranged from 1 through 50 with no possible way to get through them and skip levels if you run into a hard spot, Ninja Kiwi has addressed this by adding Skip Monkeys. Upon starting play, you are awarded Five Skip monkies that you can use to get past any level that you feel is too hard to beat, without getting stuck. Players who are interested in using the Mochi Coins store can then purchase more skip monkies to get through harder parts. As this was the most requested feature for Bloons 2, it's good to see it as an addition.

The other biggest community outcry for the second Bloons game was an update to the graphics engine. The guys at Ninja Kiwi listened to this request too, and Bloons 2 is a modern counterpart to its older brother. In fact, the graphics are polished enough that many fans have asked the developers to revist the old games and replace all of the old graphics with the new graphics from the Bloons 2 series. While this could be a possibility in the future, the fact that the developers are listening to their community is a welcome sight.

Aside from the graphical improvements and the gameplay enhancements, Bloons 2 at its core offers more puzzle popping action that you can get your hands on. This time around there are nearly 100 levels included within this release, all ranging from the fairly simple to the stupidly complex. The arrangement of these levels is such that they are divided into different zones, each with a different theme. This helps add a bit of atmosphere to the game, as those who are familiar with old games such as the Super Mario series will be hit with a wave of nostalgia when playing Bloons 2.

There are several new action balloon types for you to discover as well, which makes Bloons 2 a rightful sequel. For those who have never experienced the Bloons series, starting with the Bloons 2 series is recommended. The learning curve is much more gentle and if you find after you've completed the sequel that you still want more puzzle popping action, you can return to the rougher games and realize just how well the series has been updated for modern times.

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